It’s officially 2016. Can you believe it? Seriously, time is running so fast!!!! How was your last days of 2015? How did the year went for you? Did you have good memories? Bad?

I was supposed to post this on the last day of 2015 but I was busy and away with the family. So without further ado ang do sa dodo ni dodong napordoy, I would like to share my 10 Realizations from 2015. 😁

1.“Que sera, sera.”

Have you ever feared your future? I did. The feeling of agitation ate me. The pessimist I am, I instantly thought of the what if’s, not the will be’s. I came to a point in my life where the first quarter of 2015 gave me a lot of thinking that led me to confusions. I felt like I was running out of time to think or decide and I just want to run away from all of it. My 2014 ended in pain, I don’t want another for 2015. So I gave up the endless thinking and told myself, bahala na kung san ako dadalhin nito, bahala na. I lifted everything to God: the doubts, worries, questions, all. It didn’t totally made everything okay but it felt relieving, somehow. Whatever will be, will be. 

2. “Make most of minutes and love with no regrets.” 

Two months away from graduating High School and I just want to make memories— good unforgettable ones. I let go of everything and just seized the moments time left me. To have fun and redeem ourselves from the stresses of becoming a graduating student. It was legit the best last H.S. months of my life! The laughter, the unending stories we shared, the moments we will forever treasure, and so much more. I miss it! Ah! 😭 Every action and decision I made in 2015, I  know it will all be worth it in the end, no regrets.

3. “Embrace change— good or bad. It makes you, you.”

Would you want to be a fetus for the rest of your life? Don’t you want your fontanelles to grow? It’s just… change is constant in this complex world we live in. You don’t sit forever, of course you want to change your position as well. Same as yourself, we want to better ourselves, best even! Things might go contrary to what you expected, still, embrace it. Never fear change— may it be good or bad. It makes you, you. It’s part of you. The universe must not adjust for you, you must adjust for the universe. So, if anyone ever judge you for change, let them be. Their words doesn’t define nor make you; it depends on us. After all, whatever you do or say, people will always have something to say about you. I’m in the process… every. single. day. 😉

4. “Don’t rush. Keep it slowly, but surely.”

This is generalized. I realized that all good things take time. If it’s meant to happen, then it will. No need to rush in everything. Just wait and be amazed for its perfect timing, I think it’s more precious and memorable that way. You savour every moment slowly. Sometimes those things rushed isn’t as overwhelming as it is when it’s handled at a slow pace. Patience is everything!

5. “Sometimes, having a few friends is best than having a lot.”

College made me realize that the people you thought you were close with in High School may remain as is or not. I am blessed to have a good circle of friends whom I still talk to or catch up with no matter how far we may be or how different our lives are now. You don’t have to belong to the cool group; you don’t have to go with the tide, it’s not mandatory. Spare yourself a little from useless dramas and find the ones who will surely stay forever(through thick and thin). Having few real friends suffice those who has a lot yet doesn’t have true ones.

6. “You should go and love yourself.”

Side note: I am not a fan of Biebs but I am a fan of his Music now(ganda eh huhu). Side note done(lol). Self-worth is much important than anything else in you. You have to know your real worth; what you’re capable of and what your limitations are, then love yourself fully. I strongly believe that before you love someone else or anything else, you first  have to accept and love yourself for who you really are. We all have flaws and insecurities, you just have to learn how to embrace and credit them.

7. “It’s okay not to be okay.”

Everything in this world is not okay. Everything we do is not perfection. It’s okay not to be okay sometimes. If you feel like breaking down, break down. If you feel upset, be. If you feel like shouting because of frustrations, shout in a place where you can put away all those. Feel free to not be okay— it’s a homo sapiens thing. Although after feeling all these, wipe your tears, get up and start anew. There are a lot of things in this world yet to be conquered. Don’t worry, everyone has their own issues. Every beginning comes to an end, open a new one and continue pushing yourself beyond horizons.

8. “Spare yourself a little.”

This may apply or not apply to some but it does for me. 2015 made me be more private and reserve when it comes to my personal life. It made me realize that sharing too much is annoyingly non-compulsory  especially in social media. The world doesn’t need to know every single detail of our personal lives. You can share a little, but not all of it. I think from once in awhile it’s better if you keep something really special or private just for yourself or those who witnessed it on-hand. Though I know that every person is different so I just let them be, I guess they find happiness doing it. Second, we all have the stresses the world wants us to experience but we tend to forget ourselves from unwinding. Try to calm down a little from all of it and have fun. Refresh your mind, pamper yourself or just simply take a break.

9. “Appreciate big and small things.”

Whether what you are or what you’re choice of everything follows, be appreciative. I realized this when I was very depressed and thought of my problems as big burdens in life. Time went by and I was slowly coping up with them; gradually overcoming each of them, learning from what had happened and appreciated why I experienced it. I learned how to appreciate problems as blessings because through them we learn and grow as individuals. Anyhow, I also would like to emphasize appreciating one’s efforts: small gestures, little efforts, them being part of us, e v e r y t h i n g. It’s really not the money that counts, it’s the thought. A cheap gift is worth more than gold, they still remembered giving us one. To have someone hear your countless dramas over and over again without complaining, they’re for keeps. Really, we should learn how to appreciate and be contented for everything we have. We are in one way or another, more blessed than others. 😌

10. “I’ve been so strong for so long, I could handle anything.”

This Aj Rafael song always breaks my heart everycactustime. There’s too much emotions! 😭 In the middle part of December 2015, I was amused on how I handled myself well even when I had my pessimistic side on most of the year. It’s overwhelming that a lot has happened within the year and it molded me all throughout.  I realized that however the whatever makes or breaks you whenever it happens(lol), always think of happy thoughts. You are whatever you want the course of your life will be, it always depends on you at the end of the day. Push yourself to see the brighter side of every dark corner. You’ve got to find even the smallest twinkling star in the dark night.


Sums up my 2015…. 💩       Photo credits: Google

There you have it! My utmost 10 Realizations from 2015. I am so happy it ended well. It wasn’t easy, but I got through it heartstrong. Huhu, so frouf of myfelf. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! What were your 2015 realizations? Are you ready to conquer the new beginnings 2016 have for you? We all had different struggles crossed, but I am happy you made it as well. Hoping you ended 2015 well. Good luck on surmounting what the future lies ahead for you! 😊


Dear 2016, My body is ready(or nah). 💩 Photo credits: Google


Every happy and heart emoji there is,


“It’s not easy to head off into uncharted waters, but every journey starts with a first step. Fear will keep you from taking that first step, from untying the boat from the dock. Fear will also keep you from making new discoveries. Don’t let fear keep you tied up, set sail and see what God has planned for you.”

—God Wants You To Know App


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