Music is my number one go-to whenever I feel like I have to shut myself off to the world for a little while. We have those moments when we want to be all alone and music accompanies me when those days come. It literally speaks for everything. I’ve shared this in my 10 things about me blog post that I have no distinct genre. It all depends what mood I am in a particular day. Today was a very chill day for me and I decided to share some of the songs that were in my playlist. I hope you’ll like them! Do you love music as well? Mind sharing your favorite songs to me? 😁


This mixtape contains some of the songs I listen to when it’s a chill day.

  1. Roman Holiday Halsey (A Sarah Close Cover)
  2. Hurts Like Heaven Coldplay
  3. Somebody Else The 1975
  4. Missing You All Time Low
  5. Moonlight Over Paris Paolo Santos
  6. Beautiful Escape Aj Rafael
  7. i hate u, i love u gnash, Olivia O’Brien
  8. It Was Always You Maroon 5
  9. Hello, You Beautiful Thing Jason Mraz
  10. Something In The Way You Move Ellie Goulding (A Kenzie Nimmo Cover)

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