One of the few things I enjoy is travelling with my family. Nope, I haven’t travelled alone yet, I’m always with family or with FFL. Travelling is one of the few things we do where we can spend quality time as a family; we learn and experience new things in different places we go altogether. Of course, what comes to that is the part that I hate the most: long travel and wait hours. It’s summer season and I thought why not share to you guys how I survive long airplane travels.

1. When you have OCD and you want to your things organized

I bring a backpack and a shoulderbag/handbag plus a carry-on luggage(if there is one) that is put inside the cabin in the plane. My backpack is where I put my gadgets and some less important stuff. The shoulderbag is where I put the essentials where I can grab it quickly: wallet, phone, personal hygiene, and anything that I use often. I put them in the floor inside the back part of the seat in front of me but I make sure to get them half an hour before the plane lands or else I’ll forget them.
All of the things I will be mentioning is either put in my backpack or shoulderbag.

2. When you get bored easily and you like to entertain yourself

When you travel across the country, the time you’re seated in the seat of an airplane that’s flying in the air is long and it gets boring you just want it to be over. There is a connecting flight if your airline doesn’t accommodate a non-stop ride which you have to stop in another airport for a layover and wait for another few hours or less depending on your schedule until the next plane arrives.
What I usually do to kill time within those hours inside the plane or in the layovers is to read a book, listen to music, or interact in social media. I bring at least two books in my backpack. When you’re broke and don’t have money to purchase songs in iTunes or a premium in Spotify, download mp3 songs from youtube and you can connect it from your Mac to your iPhone. If you’re using an android then you can do the same thing: download mp3 songs from youtube and transfer it from your laptop to your phone. If you do not want to use a lot of storage and battery, you can buy an iPod or mp3 usb players. When your eardrums got tired of listening to music, download games in your phone or watch movies in the little tv in front of you. There’s also music, games and movies in the little screen which you can freely use to justify the amount of money you spent in the plane ticket. When all else fails, sleep.

3. When you love your gadgets too much and you don’t know how to define life without them

If you have a charger with you on-hand, sure. If you have a power bank, great! It’s literally a lifesaver and it’s hassle-free. Just make sure your power bank is handy to last long enough and all your devices are fully charged. I recommend you bring your own headphones with you as well.

4. When you’re a picky eater and is very particular in what you eat

Oftentimes, I do not like the meals served in planes—like no. To save money because food is five times more expensive inside the plane when you choose to buy other food rather than the *free meal, bring crackers or snacks to accompany you when the meal served is not your type of likeable. Do not forget to drink a lot of water to prevent yourself from dehydration. They also serve free drinks and other food that you can make use to again, justify the amount of money you spent in the plane ticket. If you can’t handle the food served in the plane, eat in the airport before the boarding time.

5. When you’re a clean freak and likes to be neat 24/7

You want no germs getting into your system so be sure to sanitize. Bring a small alcohol/sanitizer, hand cream, wipes, mint, and any other toiletries you like to use to be clean. I also make sure to bring a lip balm that will keep my lips from chapping and drying. Another thing, I never wash my hands with the water in the plane lavatory.

6. When you’re a perpetually cold person

Airports can be really cold at times so I bring a scarf that can be like a little blanket. Seriously, it helps a lot; even when you’re in the plane and the blanket given plus the jacket you’re wearing isn’t enough. There are also times when I feel most comfortable wearing flats or sandals than sneakers. If you’re one of those who gets cold easily, bring socks so you can wear them inside the plane.

7. When you’re playsafe and wants nothing to do against being sick while travelling

You may never know when if you’ll be having a headache, stomach ache or other medical problems and with that extent which I hope will not happen, it’s safer when you bring few medicines in case your body upsets you along the way. If you want to sleep throughout the ride and can’t do so, you can bring sleeping pills like cetirizine or your usual handy tablet that’ll make you sleep easily.

8. When you and sleep are inseparable

You need sleep especially when you have a long flight to keep you focused. Make time to sleep during layovers or when in the plane. If you are a vampire and hates the light, bring a sleeping mask. Just make sure you have like a little alarm or be cautious when to wake up.

9. When you value comfort so much

Wear your cozy clothes. There are comfy clothes that still looks stylish when worn. It’s important to feel comfortable. It’s very important.

10. When you’re a lazy-bum

Put your accessories, phone, wallet, belt and other things that’s inside your pocket into your handbag/backpack right before you enter the security line if you want to pass through quickly. Keep in mind to not bring water and other bottled stuff that isn’t an airport-approved size or else you have to waste extra energy openning a carry-on luggage or your handbag/backpack and throwing them away.

I am not the person you find in instagram or youtube where you see them travel the world almost every month or year because we do not have enough money and I’m sorry we only travel occasionally because again we do not have enough money to spend for all the expenses. More so, I am not a pro and a professional life tips adviser. All the things I suggested helps me a lot in staying comfortable while surviving a long travel.

I hope this’ll help you in any way the next time you yourself wander in a different place. Do you enjoy travelling as well? I’m open with more suggestions on how to survive the intense process of travelling before you land in your destination and going home. 😄

Every happy and heart emoji there is,


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