1. Today starts my journey as a seventeen-year-old citizen of the universe. How time flies so fast and I have a year to seize it until I am another year older again.
  2. It’s my first birthday away from my dad and brother and I felt incomplete though I am still happy I get to spend another year alive and fighting.
  3. After one birthday back when I was maybe in elementary, I stopped asking for parties. Instead, I ask my parents that we go out of town or it usually is within my birthday when they plan on going somewhere. This time, I planned how I would like to spend my birthday ahead and it was pretty simple.
  4. First is to attend mass. I want to celebrate my birthday at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe. It’s one of my favorite church and I feel every different kind of happines—if there is—when I go there.
  5. Second, spend the day with Mama.
  6. Then, buy myself a gift, which is a crucifix medallion.
  7. Finally, to go home and watch a movie. That was it.
  8. I never expected something big to happen with all honesty I have in me until my barkada and FFL family in The Philippines changed it. I really thought they’d just send me social media greetings.
  9. I woke up 6:30am to get ready; we still have to travel an hour and a half to be in church on time. My phone buzzed and a message popped in the screen: a video greeting from one of my barkada. I even thought that was enough and she was just too lazy to type a message for me. It kept coming.
  10. Mama and I prayed together for our morning prayer then my brother and yaya called. They greeted me for the nth time and asked about videos. That was when I realized maybe they did videos as well. I was too exhilarated! I never thought my family back home will do a video for me so I thought it was just my barkada. I can’t imagine how they got to have my family included!
  11. We finished talking and I continued watching the videos of my friends. Happiness and euphoria was overflowing my emotions I became sentimental. Gosh what did I do in my past life to be this blessed?
  12. We celebrated the mass.IMG_5823


    Yas, so humid….

  13. After the mass, we went to their shop to buy a medallion. I’ve been wanting to have one since last year to pair it with my San Benito one. #atmyhappiestIMG_5847
  14. When we got out of the shop, I received another set of videos again from my closest high school teachers to one of my cousin, my brother and my dad. My dad’s video message was the last one and it made me emotional, again. My CFC-YFL family in Mati prepared a video greeting as well and made my day extra-special in another level. I was too speechless for I was surprised, big time! I honestly never imagined nor thought this would ever happen.


    thank you guys, you made this day one for the books. you all are for keeps ❤

  15. I was checking and reading greetings from social media while we were heading to the mall. After reading almost half of it, I immediately called the person behind the surprise.
    If you are reading this, I am still out of words but all I can say is thank you. I have been saying thank you for the nth time now, I know, I’m sorry but I’m really not because I really am grateful for you. Thank you for everything. Please know that I appreciate every little effort you put and it made me very happy. It’s worth more than books, superheroes and hello kitty added together.
  16. If there is one thing family and a few dear friends know about me it’s I smile and get pleased from small things easily. Mababaw lang kasiyahan ko! I even laugh when it still isn’t that funny! I am also a sentimental person and I prefer sentimental things that I can treasure forever over material possessions. It’s always the thought that counts when it comes to me.
    Last year was a very hard year for me, sinceriously. But I realized I have to be thankful for the tough times because I have something to mind. If I have none I wouldn’t be here in the first place. I just have to push myself as much as I can and persevere. There’s more to come and I have to be prepared and expectant.
  17. This birthday will forever be kept in a special place in my heart. May I have a productive and hopeful year ahead of me. Reminding myself again to just take things slow and to always look on the positive side even when my pessimism overshadows me again. Seventeen years in this world, more to come and I have to say I’m very blessed. Thank you, Lord! Thank you.


    naligo ko kay birthday man

Oh, and I finished one movie today. It was X-Men: The Last Stand. I have to re-watch the X-Men movie series to refresh and catch up again before I watch X-Men Apocalypse. Sorry, I am a sucker for this kind of movies. Hehe

Happy birthday,
Self 🎍


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