It feels so good to talk to you again. Not talk like I usually reply to you, but talk like we normally used to. I can freely talk to you with no doubts at all, that I know. You were once a bestfriend before anything else. I think since we started talking again this is the first time I really opened something about myself that not much knows about me. Who would want to share something so confusing and complicated and almost all doesn’t understand the whole thing? It’s not like it’d make any difference and change everything right? I’m sorry I built a wall. I’m just not sure about everything yet. I need fixing, we both do. I’m sorry. Although I have to say thank you. Thank you for putting up with me even when I constantly push you away because of my irrelevant reasons. Thank you for always trying. Thank you. I have no idea where this will lead us and the thought makes it more scary but thank you. I’m not worth all that but thank you. Wherever this boat floats and whatever it brings, I wish you nothing but happiness. I’m happy as long as you are. This is why I don’t think I deserve you. All I bring is pain and negativity. It won’t be worth it. You deserve better! Sorry I can’t be all things you need just yet…or maybe never. Be happy.


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