She listens when you talk about all the good things
Like how your day with her went by
Like how you love her day and night
Like how you’d do anything to keep it alive
Like how you’d hold on tight

She weeps with you when you’re hurt
Like when your favorite sports team lost
Like when your day didn’t end up well
Like when your relationship almost fell
Like when you’re broken and in hell

She looks at your eyes when you talk about Michelle
How they enlighten her in every twinkle
She sees how your lips form a very unique smile
Almost captivating like how the moon and the stars shine
She feels and sees you deeply like the sun and the clouds intertwine

She just hopes she’s behind the happiness
She hopes she’s the story in your own kind of madness
She hopes she’s the reason why your eyes twinkle
She hopes she’s the reason why your lips forms a smile
She hopes she’s the reason why you want to be alive

Now all she wishes is for you to be happy
Because right now all she is is weary
For once she has to choose
She chose herself, yes, to let loose
I think all she needs is a little booze

All she is to you is a friend
Don’t worry that’ll never bend nor end
Yes, she’ll always be there whenever
She’s accepted the fact that there is no future
Although all remains is love
Even when it’s not something she wants to have
For that part, to be shoved away, up and above


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