Is it just me or is time passing by too fast? The year is about to end and oh boy I’m not that ready for 2017 just yet. Though I must say I’m pretty pumped for Christmas. I have narrowed down my worth buying and favorite things this year. Don’t worry, they’re not expensive because I’m in a college budget so I hope this’ll help one way or another

1. Blotting paper

I have a combination and acne-prone skin type. That means I breakout often and I get oily in my T-zone and have dry patches in my upper lip and in the sides of my nose. It gets annoying when I feel greasier and shinier than a delicious pizza so I usually blot twice a day.

NYX Fresh Face Blotting Paper has a salicylic acid which is good for acne-prone skin and it lasts for a few hours.
Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets: the oil-control lasts longer and is $2 cheaper than the NYX one.


2. Moisturizers

It is important to moisturize the face after you wash your face. These are the moisturizers that worked wonders for me.

GNC Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream, which is good for the skin’s pH balance.
GNC Vitamin C Moisturizing Cream lightens hyperpigmentation. It costs $1.99 each and it does its job considering how cheap the price is.


3. Lip products

I cannot go out without lip tints or else I’d look like a dead person.

TONY MOLY Delight Tony Tint—I love all three shades and for $9 a pack, it’s a good deal. However, it doesn’t last long because I eat a lot and it really dries your lips. I put lip moisturizer before I apply the tint.
Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips—I use this when I don’t feel like putting the lip stains on. It has a rosy pink tint and it moisturizes the lips as well. $3 and worth buying!!
NIVEA Smoothness Lip Care SPF 15—I put this on before the lip stains, when my lips are dry and before I sleep.


4. Face Masks

I ain’t got money for facials. I use face masks when I have an important event the day after or when my skin is crying because I’m stressed or my period’s coming or both. I usually do it about once or twice a week.

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask
Yes To Tomatoes Acne Fighting Paper Mask— I use both of them alternatively.
Yes To Miracle Oil Argan Oil Mud Mask— When I have an important event and I have to look fresh as if I had 9 hours of sleep the night before, I put this on before taking a shower.
Feeling Beautiful Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Facial Mask— I always try to exfoliate once every two weeks with this and my face feels thankful afterwards.


5. Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly

There were 7a lot of raves about the many uses of petroleum jelly in YouTube so I gave it a try and bought the travel size container. I use it every night in my brows and lashes. I really felt like my lashes grew longer and thicker. I also use it when I have dry patches in my skin.

6. Pillow

I know it’s impossible to get enough sleep when you’re in college but I am a sleep sucker. “Pillow is an advanced sleep tracking alarm clock that can effortlessly measure and track your sleep quality.” I love how I can track my sleep everyday, is very detailed when it comes to my sleeping patterns, and wakes me up in the time I set it. The only con is the app is only available to Apple users.
Side note: I didn’t purchase the premium version because I’m in college, I have a lot of things to be mindful about financially wise and I’m mostly broke.

7. Mathway

I have Statistics and Algebra this semester and this was a huge help! You don’t need to buy a calculator if your class is online plus it’s a very straightforward app that you can also download in the app store and google play. You can purchase the premium version which tells you how to get the answer. However, I’m broke and I’m fine if the only thing it serves me is the answer. Only one thing matters to me: If I got it right.

Do you have any discovery this year that you’ve been obsessing about? Are you excited for Christmas? Good luck next year!



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