It’s been two years since I got my High school diploma.

My high school life in The Philippines was the whole definition of fun, excitement and nostalgia. Literally, the best! Sure, there were dramas here and there but it was mostly full of smiles, laughter, and genuine happiness. I cannot stress enough how it made a huge impact in my life and I will surely treasure those memories forever.

No, I am not hung up with High school anymore though I was sentimental at first. It all felt surreal that I can never go back to that life again. I even thought that I am never gonna get through everything that was simultaneously happening back then. Of course I was wrong because college came.

High school was all fun and I sure will give everything just to feel those special moments back again. Though those four years were all about impulsive childishness and crazy antics, I also picked up a few lessons here and there.

1. You do not have to go with the tide. It’s okay if you don’t have the trendy things or if you’re not in the cool group.

2. Know your worth and never rush in entering a relationship. Never let infatuation make you gullible. You might end up regretting.

3. Always have fun in everything that you do but you have to keep your priorities in-check especially when exams are around the corner.

4. Always choose the right people to hang with. It doesn’t matter if you have little friends. What matters most is you know you always have them even if you went separate ways after High school. Less drama, more memories to cherish.

5. Don’t let anyone else influence you on the things you know you shouldn’t do in the first place. You should always know your limits even though you want to be free-spirited.

6. Make time management your best friend so it’s possible to have fun like it’s your last day here on earth and be an honor student at the same time.

7. Befriend your teachers when class hours are over.

8. If you’re parents are strict when it comes to gala days, don’t persist them every time you and your friends made plans. Instead, ask permission to go to gala days that’re more eventful than the usual.

9. It’s fine when you’re missing out on some gala days and bondings. You can always have your time sooner or later.

10. You’re young, curious and inexperienced—don’t worry, that’s okay. Just know that you have to be cautious because everything you decide to do will reflect your life in the future. Never let petty dramas affect you. Life doesn’t stop there. Enjoy and seize everything up to the last minute. Make memories that’ll make you smile when you look back in the future.

11. This isn’t necessary but this made a huge difference in my life. Sleep as how long you want to sleep while you still have time because you might regret it in college.

My favorite high school memory has to be those crazy unplanned beach trips every weekend or when we only have half-day classes during Fridays. What’s yours?

High school never ends,


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