If you have read my blog before, you may have a hint of who am I already. But, if you’ve stumbled upon this page because you might be curious about me or just accidentally clicked this page, allow me to introduce myself to you. ☺

My name is Mia, it’s at least what most people call me. I go by Rubim when it comes to my family, childhood friends and some close buddies. Others call me Ming or Yang; the crazy names I am referred to by some are a little inappropriate to add here.

Birth certificate states I am Jeree Mia Rubim Dumadag.

Born May 22, 1999 which makes me 17 years old as of today.

I am the eldest of two.

Born and raised in Mati, Davao Oriental so I’m basically a probinsyana. Moved to America in 2011 and a year after, came home to The Philippines to live for 3 more years, then back in America after I got the High school diploma. Finished Grade school and High school in Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy and is currently studying Associates in Arts major in Liberal Arts and Sciences at South Florida State College. I’m planning to pursue Physical Therapy after I’m through my pre-requisites.

I binge watch a lot but I never watch horror films and series. Hello kitty, comic books and desserts are my weakness. I love family vacations and immersing to different cultures wherever we go.

My favorite place has to be our home in Mati. I love the beach and the sky. My favorite food is dinuguan. My favorite drink is ginger ale. My favorite song is Without you by Aj Rafael.

Nope, no current lovelife but is very blessed with life and great friends. I have to take all the credit to the one above all—not the Marvel character—but God.

I’d like to say I’m a very cynical person though I’m trying to be as positive as I can be.

I made this blog to express my silent thoughts and emotions; loosening myself from all the chaos reality has for me amidst its beauty.

I hope I can make your day great by reading my random and not-so-commmendable content. Everything I write isn’t always about me: it can be experiences of those around me as well.

Have fun with me and let’s be friends,


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