It’s valentine’s day and what’s my plan for today? I don’t have a date nor wishing to have one so PLAN: attend mass–talk to little brother over Facetime–watch Filipino shows–chill–watch Deadpool–do Human Dev homework–chill-sleep until I wake up the next day because I have a 9am class. Besides, it’s just a normal day for a single person like me(no, not bitter, at all) and it is the feast day of St. Valentine. Trivia: St. Valentine is the patron saint for love, young people and happy marriages; also commonly associated with “courtly love”.

Speaking of love, I didn’t know what to post for valentines because I’m sorry zero balance lovelife ko, I don’t have that much experience with love yet I mean what would a 16-year old teen know about love right so I decided to share with you my 10 favorite excerpts from one of my favorite romantic novels, The Look of Love by Sarah Jio.

(yan may pamusic pa para mafeel natin mga single 👻)

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