Another reason to love Kenzie Nimmo! She said it all and on-point in the video and there’s no more to add. Everybody needs to be reminded every now and then and I figured we all need to hear this; we have to hear this at one point. Remember that we all have imperfections and insecurities. We are not in any way perfect and we do not have the responsibility to please other people. Embrace your flaws until you learn how to love them yourself in order for you to be accepted completely as well. Love yourself. We are beautiful in our own and unique way. ❤

MY LAST DAYS | Meet Zach Sobiech

The first time I saw this video was in my Human Development class. This got me and made me realize that no matter what circumstance there is that you are dealing with, life will always be worth living for. There are many ways to be genuinely happy. There are many reasons why we should smile all the time. Live life with purpose. Inspire others. And most of all, be a blessing.