opting to affirm

“Sadness doesn’t last long. Love doesn’t last either. Which of both will you choose?” He asked as he was trying to find his comfortable spot while we were lying on the ground looking at the quiet night sky after running around playing like kids.

“Sadness is an emotional response of love; you can’t have love without it. So even if I choose love, I’ll have sadness anyways— as if I have another way around.” I replied looking intently at his face, memorizing all his features while being comfortable around his arms.

He then looked at me with intent; a gaze where in he is trying to read me beneath my soul through my twinkling eyes.

I smiled cheekily and said, “that means…you. I choose you. I’ll always do.”

Idea to be credited to Renz Lemente

03262017 1232am

It was just too foolish of me to believe that there is a possibility of you and me. And I guess the universe might be right when reality hit me—I saw you clinging to her like she’s your lifeline, not me for I’m just a mere tour guide for both of your serendipity to meet and not ours—that there will always be a difference between you and me because for an us, it will never bound to be.


I saw how your broken pieces broke more.
I saw how your renewed heart came to life.
I saw how you smiled again.
I saw it all.

She’s lucky to have hurt you.
She’s blessed to have healed you.
She’s one of a kind to have made you open your heart again.

And I’m here,
Witnessing it all.
Hoping for something more
But it wasn’t me after all.

I’m just someone
So invisible in your eyes.
Not expected to be expecting;
Or hoping to be hoped for.

But I wished I was all of them.
But I did expect and hope for all of it to happen.
I did, and I failed.
Now I’m the one who needs fixing.


I know I am quite a handful

My indecisiveness upsets you

My confusing personality gets you thinking every minute

Pessimism awaits me day by day

Yet you always show me how great life can still be

Thank you for being so patient with me

When you feel you’re not in my priorities

Even at times when I’m least likeable

Thank you for understanding me

My flaws, reasons, and overrated excuses

Thank you for not giving up on me

Though I have moments when I already gave up on myself

I didn’t know what I did in my past life to deserve you

But I’m lucky enough to have met a person that sees through me

You see my worth more than I know my limits

You see the best in me more than my worsts

Our story might differ from my series

No I’m not escaping life with fiction stories

But I kid you not you’re my reality

My favorite character

More so a protagonist I will always remember


Then there she was,
Standing in the place where you last said your goodbyes.
Head tilted towards the night sky;
Eyes closed and lips slightly pursed she asked,
Where did it go wrong?
Everything seemed perfect
You were happy
She was slowly opening her eyes
And little by little she realized
Everything she just uttered in her mind was in past tense
It just wasn’t how it used to be
Tears fell as she walked back her lonely house again
Embracing present as it is
Cowardly waiting for another day to come by