opting to affirm

“Sadness doesn’t last long. Love doesn’t last either. Which of both will you choose?” He asked as he was trying to find his comfortable spot while we were lying on the ground looking at the quiet night sky after running around playing like kids.

“Sadness is an emotional response of love; you can’t have love without it. So even if I choose love, I’ll have sadness anyways— as if I have another way around.” I replied looking intently at his face, memorizing all his features while being comfortable around his arms.

He then looked at me with intent; a gaze where in he is trying to read me beneath my soul through my twinkling eyes.

I smiled cheekily and said, “that means…you. I choose you. I’ll always do.”

Idea to be credited to Renz Lemente


I know I am quite a handful

My indecisiveness upsets you

My confusing personality gets you thinking every minute

Pessimism awaits me day by day

Yet you always show me how great life can still be

Thank you for being so patient with me

When you feel you’re not in my priorities

Even at times when I’m least likeable

Thank you for understanding me

My flaws, reasons, and overrated excuses

Thank you for not giving up on me

Though I have moments when I already gave up on myself

I didn’t know what I did in my past life to deserve you

But I’m lucky enough to have met a person that sees through me

You see my worth more than I know my limits

You see the best in me more than my worsts

Our story might differ from my series

No I’m not escaping life with fiction stories

But I kid you not you’re my reality

My favorite character

More so a protagonist I will always remember


Kelangan kong magrelease ng stress kahit magccram na naman ako bahala na kaya pahugot pls


Diyan mo lang marerealize ang worth ng isang bagay o tao kapag wala na. Ayan kasi, di iningatan, nga-nga ka tuloy.

Some things are still worth fighting for. Basta alam mong worth it at mutual, pwede pa yan. Just make sure it’s not going to break you more and more. Like yung relationship mo sa studies mo. Hindi man kayo nagkakaintindihan minsan, at the end of the day alam mo pa ring worth it lahat. And wang mo pakialaman ano man yung sasabihin nila sa’yo; buhay mo yan, di mo naman talaga kailangan mag-explain pa sa iba.

May mga bagay din na kailangan nating bitawan para sa mas ikabubuti ng lahat. Yung kahit sagad na sa higpit ang pag-kapit mo, wala eh, nasslip away pa rin. Minsan yun yung dapat o tamang gawin kasi in the process na puro ka hold on, mas lalo ka lang nawawasak. Masakit? Babalik naman yan; yun nga lang, di ka sure if it’s meant to happen or not. Kaya let it go muna. Accept accept.

O baka naman kasi hindi lang talaga sila ang nakalaan para sa atin. May mas darating pa na mas worth it ipaglaban o kaya naman mas deserve mo. Extra hintay lang sa extra atat mong limbic system. Kumbaga, ‘sometimes you have to lose something to gain something better. A door has to shut before a new door can open’. Continue reading