03262017 1232am

It was just too foolish of me to believe that there is a possibility of you and me. And I guess the universe might be right when reality hit me—I saw you clinging to her like she’s your lifeline, not me for I’m just a mere tour guide for both of your serendipity to meet and not ours—that there will always be a difference between you and me because for an us, it will never bound to be.


I know I am quite a handful

My indecisiveness upsets you

My confusing personality gets you thinking every minute

Pessimism awaits me day by day

Yet you always show me how great life can still be

Thank you for being so patient with me

When you feel you’re not in my priorities

Even at times when I’m least likeable

Thank you for understanding me

My flaws, reasons, and overrated excuses

Thank you for not giving up on me

Though I have moments when I already gave up on myself

I didn’t know what I did in my past life to deserve you

But I’m lucky enough to have met a person that sees through me

You see my worth more than I know my limits

You see the best in me more than my worsts

Our story might differ from my series

No I’m not escaping life with fiction stories

But I kid you not you’re my reality

My favorite character

More so a protagonist I will always remember

You didn’t get to hear your yes.
You never got your chance.
No one was picked.
Ties loosened up and eventually parted.
Bridges broke down.
Something was put to end.
Someone lost a friend.
But what matters most is you choose yourself.
Some battles, in one way or another, everyone can’t and won’t win.
But at least, you have you.

We love each other.
I know that.
I feel it.
Every time our eyes meet and we have our own world, just the both of us.
The jolt within me whenever we talk, it’s like you and me against the world.
The connection we have…or had.
But all we caused each other was pain. And it gets worse everyday.
I guess love isn’t enough after all.
At least, not with you.

She listens to what your lips say as it shapes and curves every word that comes out your mouth; saying her name like it’s the most delicate thing in the world, in your world—so sweet and gentle.

She looks right through your eyes. She looks at how it twinkles and brightens every time you talk about her, more so when you utter her name.

She observes you and the happiness of your story, the happiness she gives you.

She just wishes she was your story.

She just wishes she’s behind the twinkles of your eyes. She just wishes she’s the reason why you smile like your favorite sports team won.

She hoped it was her.

Maybe that day will come.

Soon. We never know when it’s too late.